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New Art Deco Furniture & Restorations

1930s Art Deco Highboard with Brass Handles and Details, Antique Furniture, Restoration, Piano lacuqer, interior design, original art deco furniture

Our Inventory 2020 – Interior Design and Art Deco Welcome to Original-Antique-Furniture! Exclusive Art Deco & Design furniture from Germany. In 2020 our focus and full emphasis lays on restored original Art Deco items with unique finishes, woods, and exclusive design. Attention to detail and originality are the main pillows of our work. Above you…

Art Deco Furniture Restoration

Original 1920s Armchair with a Curved Backrest and Cream Leather, interior design, modern art deco furniture, luxury antiques, restoration, chairs, lounge

Passion for Art Deco Furniture & Attention to Detail Our manufactory was and is always build on our passion for Art Deco furniture, unique antiques, as well as the craftsmanship and design ideas by our joiner team. Every single piece of furniture gets a special treatment and is handled with lots of attention to detail…