Art Deco Furniture Restoration

Original 1920s Armchair with a Curved Backrest and Cream Leather, interior design, modern art deco furniture, luxury antiques, restoration, chairs, lounge

Passion for Art Deco Furniture & Attention to Detail

Our manufactory was and is always build on our passion for Art Deco furniture, unique antiques, as well as the craftsmanship and design ideas by our joiner team. Every single piece of furniture gets a special treatment and is handled with lots of attention to detail as it is a one-of-a-kind piece and of highest value. To be accepted in our inventory each item gets completly dissassembled, gets through a carefull restoration process, and gets finally assembled again in its full glory! Our restoration team is taking care of every detail, every nail and wooden part. The result is always a unique and hand crafted piece of furniture with an original base piece and stunning refinements to it.

Do you remeber the Armchair of the Art Deco set ? For you to get a better feel for our original antique items, you can find to follow an overview of the restoration of the orignal Art deco armchair that was restored a couple weeks back. It shows the narrow stepped road every piece of furniture goes through until it is ready to be presented to our high demanding customers.

Your Individual Furniture Restoration or Design Wish

Of course we dont only restore items to grow our inventory, you can also reach out to us with your individual restoration wishes of your personal furniture. You know the problem: Your old loved family piece does not fit your modern living room, but you dont want to sell or get rid of it. Find details for a solution, about the restoration process, as well as more beautiful examples and our contact form here.

Additionally a lot of our items are still customizable after your needs. It doesn´t matter if you need a custom armchair, an Art Deco dining table with additional extension, or a color change on an Art Deco Sideboard, our manufactory is equipped to handle different requests – often without an additional fee! If you are an interior designer or dealer we also have a trade program with dedicated benefits for you. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or request, we are happy to assist.

Your Team of Original-Antique-Furniture