Antique Furniture Restoration

Art Deco, Bauhaus, Biedermeier, Barock & Jugendstil

OAF has lots of experience in the restoration and refinement of antique furniture. Our goal with each restoration is to preserve the old substance of the antique as much as possible. Also, we do document each step of our restoration and refinement to ensure the perfect quality. Anything is possible. On one hand, we restore the pieces with attention to detail without destroying the original design and the fine materials used in the respective era. On the other hand, we can customize every piece after the wishes of our customers to fit them into their design plans.

We do work with the best carriers for antique furniture and build custom made crates for every single piece. That way we can ship with confidence. Pickup and delivery service is included  in every restoration offer. Contact us below for details.

Details of our restoration process

A typical restoration is usually done by OAF through following steps:

  • documentation und assessment of existing substance and classification of the furniture into epochs
  • development of a concept for the goals of the restoration and the necessary working steps
  • exposing and cleaning of relevant components of the furniture
  • check of functions and securing of these through the integration of new fastening systems such as hinge-joints, screws and other stabilizing fixtures
  • cleaning, reparements and refinishing of surfaces
  • adding of new handles, customizations if necessary

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    Below you will find further examples of wonderful restorations. Contact us for any question!