The Münsterland Gruppe GmbH & Co KG is a carpentry and paint shop, specialized in the restoration of and trade with antique furniture, especially from the Art-déco and Bauhaus era. Our focus is purchasing rare antique furniture worldwide, restore and refine them in-house and sell it again worldwide. Through the years of constant expansions of production capacities and qualifications of our carpenter team, we are now also able to reproduce any furniture or even create new furniture of any design – which is why we also supply the retail and wholesale with high quality reproductions and designer furniture.

Positioning the company

Highest quality

Our goal from the very first has been to achieve maximum quality in our work. In order to achieve this, high investments in machines and human capital have been done, all for the purpose to have all production facilities under one roof and thus have full control over the whole production process. Meanwhile all production and operations run inhouse and are monitored and reviewed constantly by a standardized quality process consisting of multiple inspections and a detailed logging. This all results in finished furniture pieces that are unique in its design and – due to their quality – are preserved for eternity and can be seen as ideal investment objects. Our work can compete with those of the best quality manufacturers in the world, both in our restorations and reproductions.

Relatively low prices

At the same time that our expanded production facility increased our product quality, it enabled us to maximize effiencies of production resulting in lower production cost. Compared to many other restoration or furniture building companies, we can produce highest quality at very competitive prices. On the one hand, retail and wholesale profits from lower purchase prices. On the other hand, since we sell directly through our website, the consumer profits, too. Since we do not operate expensive show or selling rooms, we can also maintain our marketing costs at a low level, which we translate in lower furniture prices for the private consumer.

High qualification

We invested not only the education and training of personnel to improve our production but also in industry expertise of the manager. Since 2017, Kai Kogelboom, our CEO, is official appraiser for antique furniture from the Federal Association of German Experts and Evaluators eV (DGSV). Therefore, we now sell each single furniture with a certificate of authenticity. Of course, companies or individuals can use OAM and Mr. Kogelboom as a certifier and/or consultant for the classification and estimation of antique furniture.

Distribution Channels

MüG supplies both retail (such as antique stores) as well as distributors. In fact, we meanwhile maintais quite a large network of antique dealers and distributors in Germany and some other countries, however, in 2019, we will be working hard to further expand our international activities. As a more and more interesting distribution channel, we also sell to the end-consumer directly through the German and this, English website as well some other online platforms featuring our antique furniture.