Our Furniture Showrooms in Senden, Westfalen / Germany

Our company is based in Senden (Westphalia), Germany where we present our beautiful furniture pieces in seperate showrooms as well as in a seperated part of our manufactory. If you visit us you cant just have an in person look at the quality of our items, you can also cast a glance into our manufactory, where we renovate and restore antique pieces on over 2000 square meters. In our showrooms you will find ready to sell furniture as well as unfinished anitques, that can be restored and changed after your needs and wishes.

If you are interested in a unique piece of furniture or if you just want to visit us, please contact us make an appointment. That way we can make sure that we have time for you. Thank you!


Münsterland Gruppe Gmbh & Co KG
Original Antike Möbel (OAM)
Industriestr. 4
48308 Senden , Germany




Opening hours:
Please arrange an appointment with us.