High End Reproductions and Custom Furniture

OAF not only restores and refines original antiques.  With our experienced and skillful workforce and a fully equipped restoration, production and lacquering facility, we can basically produce any type of furniture we want – and even produce multiples of it.

Since our biggest passion is antiques, we also reproduce original styles and sell them as reproductions. Therefore clients can always order shapes and forms of products we have sold in the past or clients have seen somewhere else. Also, clients requesting many pieces of the same style such as hotels can order specific reproductions in multiples.

Steps in producing antique reproductions

  • Existing models or photos of a furniture piece along with details to measurements (ideally 3d models) serve as a pattern for the reproductions
  • Clients can individually change certain measurements or dimensions before production starts
  • Determination of the wood to be used, the necessary tools, materials, functions
  • Modeling of the furniture and its look that needs to be achieved
  • Production of the relevant wooden pieces with a CNC machine, purchase or reproduction of missing fittings
  • Surface treatments and lacquering of all single pieces of wood and subsequent drying
  • Manuel assembling of all pieces by our carpenter team on our production street
  • Final inspection of each furniture by our director

Examples of reproductions