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Art Déco chairs, armchairs and sofas

While the period between 1920 and 1940 was characterised by a series of historical events—the Golden Twenties, a period of high inflation, the Weimar Republic, the takeover of power by Hitler and the beginning of the Second World War—many works of art nevertheless came into being in this epoch – from paintings, buildings and pieces of jewellery to furniture. If we take a glance at the furniture of this epoch, an incomparable splendour is revealed to us in terms of shapes, elements and materials. As well as a diverse range of cupboards and tables, some wonderful options for seating were also produced in this time – decorative chairs with and without armrests, beautifully shaped armchairs in a wide range of designs, and stylish sofas.

You will find to follow our full range of chairs, armchairs and sofas from the Art Déco period. If you would like us to restore your own antique chair, sofa or armchair, we would be happy to guide you through the process with advice or suggestions – feel free to get in touch!