It is not worth investing time and money in perfectionizing antiques if we cannot make sure, international clients do not receive the furniture without any damage. This is why we put a lot of emphasis on the perfect packaging for minimizing the risk of any damage during the shipment. This is what we do do ensure you receive the furniture piece in the same quality it leaves our factory:

  • A flexible film against dust and other air pollutants
  • Velvet cover against the effects of cold and heat (please keep it for future purposes, because velvet is perfect for wrapping painted furniture)
  • Several layers of bubble wrap as a slight bump protection
  • For each furniture piece, we build a perfectly fitted wooden case for ultimate shock protection
  • The larger furniture pieces and all furniture sold worldwide are always strapped to a pallet. There is at least 5-10 inches of space on each side of the palette. Thus we avoid all impact or scratch damage.

All furniture shipments are automatically insured and get replaced or repaired in case of an accident.

Pictures of our packaging for international furniture shippings