Certificates for antique furniture

On 06/15/2015, Kai Kogelboom, CEO of Original Antique furniture (OAM), is officially appointed from the Association of German experts and evaluators as:

Evaluator / Expert for antique / old furniture from all epochs

In detail, these qualifications, proven by Mr. Kogelboom / Original Antique Furniture mean the following:
As a premium member of the German experts and experts Association, Mr. Kogelboom has been particularly tested according to the guidelines of DGSV and therefore authorized by our SEAL to perform as a certified appraiser. The appraiser seal / the DGA-approved appraiser/consultant show the customer, that the necessary qualifications are available. The seal shows the customer the existing legal competence and advanced expertise in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in the economy, trade, and industry.

This qualification not only underlines the experience if Mr. Kogelboom within our company but it opened up the opportunity to write certified reports on antique furniture and thus qualified statements about the origin, age affiliation and value of antique furniture.

From now on, you can use our order form for antique furniture certificates to have Mr. Kogelboom of OAM issue certification in cases such as:

  • An estimate of legacies and inheritances
  • Individual estimates of antiques (furniture)
  • Damage estimates of antiques and furniture
    Contact Mr. Kogel boom as an official expert for antique furniture through this contact for advice