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1930s Art Deco Highboard with Brass Handles and Details, Antique Furniture, Restoration, Piano lacuqer, interior design, original art deco furniture

Our Inventory 2020 – Interior Design and Art Deco

Welcome to Original-Antique-Furniture! Exclusive Art Deco & Design furniture from Germany. In 2020 our focus and full emphasis lays on restored original Art Deco items with unique finishes, woods, and exclusive design. Attention to detail and originality are the main pillows of our work. Above you will find our newest restorations and finished rare single pieces. Art Deco sideboard, Art Deco commodes, daybeds, and seating furniture are available for sale. The amazing Art Deco inventory is constantly expanding.

In our work, the highest quality standards are of utmost importance. High-end materials, experienced joiners, and modern machines & technologies in combination with hand made crafting are the backbone of our work. No piece is like the other!

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