Art Deco Desk & Office Cabinet by Christian Krass France 1930s


Art Deco office set by Christian Krass from Lyon, France made in the 1930s. This stunning example of simple, late Art Deco furniture convinces with its original paint job, high-end build quality, and wonderful appeal. The office set consist of a double-sided, free-floating desk with a matching chair, as well as a large office cabinet with integrated shelves with wonderful burgundy red accents. The design convinces with its simple, straight lines and with fine brass details. Art Deco at its stunning best! Original furniture from France, built in the 1930s. Desk, chair, and cabinet are in original condition and are being restored right now. Additionally the desk gets a new red leather writing pad and the chair gets newly upholstered with the same leather and a comfortable cushion. Changes to the pieces are possible if desired, let us know if you have any ideas for your office or living room. Feel free to reach out with any questions about this unique set by Christian Krass. We are happy to assist!

Measurements of the single pieces:

1. Art Deco Chair: DxWxH 62x60x83cm

2. Art Deco Desk: DxWxH 90x200x78cm

3. Art Deco Cabinet: DxWxH 48x290x176cm


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