Original Antique Furniture (OAF) delivers to Singer Ross Antony!

Ross Antony is one of the best friends of Jana Ina and Giovanni Zarrella. The friendship was primarily known for their hit “I can’t dance alone”, which climed into the Top 10 of the German music charts at the end of 2010 .

OAF got to know Ross Antony on party of Giovanni’s new pizzeria “Settantotto” on the 29th. of January 2010 in Cologne. We had the opportunity to furnish the main entrance of the pizzaria with a bright red Art Deco dresser, that was liked by Ross Antony so much that we came into business with him too.

Consequently, Monday, February 22nd, 2011, we had the honor then to visit Ross in his new home in the suburbs of Cologne and deliver him with other unique antique furniture pieces. You can see clearly in the following video how much Ross was thrilled that we have “pimped” his “Rossy Room” …