Original Antique Furniture (OAF) delivers model Monica Ivancan a pink Art Deco Dresser

The actress and model Monica Ivancan is one of best friends of Jana Ina, wife of Singer Giovanni Zarella. During the pizzeria opening of “Settantotto” with Giovanni and Jana Ina we had the honor to get to know the sympathetic Monica. She was absolutely thrilled by our red sideboard in the entrance of the pizzeria, which we have provided as an exhibit at the opening.

Monica had then looked at our website was very enthusiastic about a very unusual piece: a pink Art Deco dresser with curved doors! On Monday, 15.3. we then had the opportunity, to deliver the pink sideboard to Monicas home in Cologne. See for yourself how Monica has unpacked the sideboard and how she is happy to be the new owner of such a unique piece. A few days later she sent us a text message in which she again expressed her joy “I am so happy with my new sideboard …”. We are happy for you and for us!