Extensive Construction Works at OAF – Costumers are always welcome!

Our company OAF progressed a lot in the last year. On one side we hired multiple new team members to satisfy the current market situation, on the other hand we used the order situation to expand our manufacturing capacities as well as our exhibition space. Now you will find our important machine park on over 2000 square meters of space. That way we are able to do the complete restoration and manufacturing process in house and can ensure the perfect quality of our furniture.

To keep up the efficiency of all processes we did build individual working spaces for every employee of the manufacturing staff. That includes all necessary tools, computers, screens and a work bench as well as a locker for each team member. Our machines and working spaces got newly arranged so that there won’t be any waiting times or space issues anymore. Additionally, our machines were build up with enough room left to enlarge the production and restoration capacities in times of huge order situations.

We will be happy to guide you through our large exhibition and production hall with many, extraordinary antique pieces. Have a look at lot of vintage single pieces and be inspired! We do have many unrestored pieces in our warehouse and are looking forward to speak with you about individual restoration and refinement possibilities.

Here you can see some impressions from the construction work, we are looking forward meeting you.

The team of Original-Antique-Furniture